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Meet The Team

How it all began

Meet Our Team

We’re a bunch of average Kiwis who got together to do what was right for New Zealand, we have teamed up with a New Zealand family business with over 45+ years of experience in the health & wellness sector. To provide much needed support & protection to our frontline essential workers & their families.
  • Gabriella Nooij

    Meet Gabi! I’m a wife, mum of 2 young children, and Graphic Designer with over 25 years of experience. I’m from the Netherlands and have studied art & design and worked in London, Madrid and Barcelona. Now I live in NZ and have worked as a Graphic Designer in the health and wellness industry for 15 years, where I have gained a passion for nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. I believe this charity will help so many deserving essential workers to stay well, who are putting their lives at risk during this difficult time.

  • Callum Stewart

    A young herbalist and nutritional science enthusiast & entrepreneur, providing health & providing innovation solutions to Kiwis is my passion. All about that healthy holistic lifestyle, healing & helping people and promoting positive change is what Callum lives for. An example of this is a non-profit movement Callum started at 18 called THE NEW ZEALAND H20 Trust or publicly known as Keep Our Water. So he knows what strength can be achieved by bringing people together.

  • Annelise Clarke

    I became involved with the Stay Home NZ charity as providing support to essential workers & their families is a cause very close to my heart. My husband is currently part of the NZ Defence Force team handling the Covid-19 response, so he is working on the frontline every day. I understand what it is like to be part of the family support team behind the scenes. My background is in marketing, which over my career has primarily been in the food industry.

  • Kate Banks

    Wife and mother of two who has a background of 10+ years in marketing and sales in the beauty and wellness sector, influenced by her father who has worked on the frontline of ambulance service for over a decade as a St Johns ambulance paramedic. My mother is currently a nurse for over 40 years. I have seen what it takes from my parents and the important and passion they have for their jobs. All the above has inspired me to be apart of the team making this change.

Our Values


Stay Home NZ is built on kiwi values.


Inclusiveness for everyone and working together is what we do best.

Team Spirit

Encouraging New Zealand to work together, Team spirit is Kiwi spirit.


Where the money goes

We are a complete not for profit movement, this is about thinking of others. Not ourselves. All funds raised will go towards providing frontline workers with essential vitamins and minerals known to protect & stop COVID-19 from further hurting people’s lives.

Want to get involved?

We’d love for you to join our list of supporters, and help out our local kiwis. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us!